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Ranting Dog

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Ranting Dog

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Ranting Dog
(Robert Burns)

O wha my babie clouts will buy?
Wha will tent me when I cry?
Wha will kiss me where I lie?
     The rantin' dog, the daddie o't.
Wha will own he did the faut?
Wha will buy the groanin'  maut?
Wha will tell me how to ca't?
     The rantin' dog, the daddie o't.

When I mount the creepie-chair
Wha will sit beside me there?
Gie me Rob, I'll seek nae mair
     The rantin' dog, the daddie o't.
Wha will crack to me my lane?
Wha will make me fidgin fain?
Wha will kiss me o'er again?
     The rantin' dog, the daddie o't.

Note: tent = care for; faut = fault; groanin maut = ale for
     midwife and friends; creepie-chair = stool of repentence;
     crack = talk; my lane = alone; fidgin fain = horny or randy
From Sedley, Seeds of Love
Recorded by Redpath
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