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Pride of Glencoe

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Pride of Glencoe

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Pride of Glencoe

As I was a walking one evening of late
Where Flora's green mantle the fields decorate
I carelessly wandered, where I do not know
By the banks of a fountain that lies in Glencoe

Like she who the pride of Mount Ida had won
There approached a wee lassie as fair as the sun
With ribbons and tartans around her did flow
That once won MacDonald, the pride of Glencoe

With courage undaunted, I to her drew nigh
While the red rose and lily on her cheek seemed to vie
I asked her her name and how far she did go
And she answered, "Be kind, sir, I'm bound for Glencoe"

I said, "My wee lassie, your enchanting smile
And your comely fine features have my heart beguiled
If your kind affections on me you'll bestow
I will bless the happy hour we met on Glencoe"

"Kind sir," she made answer, "You suit I disdain
I once had a sweetheart, MacDonald by name
He's gone to the war, about ten years ago
And a maid I'll remain, till he returns to Glencoe"

"Perhaps young MacDonald regards not your name
And has placed his affection on some other dame
Perhaps he's forgotten for all that you know
The bonnie wee lassie he left in Glencoe"

"My Donald from his promise will never depart
For love, truth, and honor are found in his heart
And if I never see him, single I will go
And I'll mourn for my Donald, the Pride of Glencoe"

He finding her constant, he pulled out a glove
Which at parting she gave him as a token of love
She flew to his arms while the tears down did flow
Saying, "You're welcome, my Donald, the pride of Glencoe"

"Cheer up now, young Flora, your sorrows are o'er
And while life still remains, we will never part more
The storms of war at a distance may blow
While in peace and contentment we'll bide in Glencoe"

DT #464
Laws N39
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