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Prentice Boy

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The Prentice Boy

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The Prentice Boy

To a New York Trader I do belong (I was bound)
To sail the sea around and round
I had not sailed a league but one
When I fell in love with a young woman.

cho: Whack fal lal I dey,
     Whack fal lal I dey.

And to my captain I then did go
And told to him my sad grief and woe
"I love a girl as I love my life
What would I give if she was my wife."

"Begone you foolish and simple boy
To love a girl ypou can ne'er enjoy
For she has sweethearts on land and sea
And she'll ne marrried before you're free."

"Oh never mind, I'll go and try
Perhaps she might but fancy I
Perhaps she might but fancy I
Although I am but a prentice boy."

Me and my shipmates we did agree
To go ashore and have a spree
And to dance with me she was no way shy
And to toss off a glass with her prentice boy.

I bought her ribbons, I bought her gloves
And safe conveyed them unto my love
And in taking them she was no way shy
Although they came from a prentice boy.

Now come all you young prentices, where'er you be
Never flirt yout love in low degree
But love that girl as you love your life
And when you're leaving, make her your wife.

DT #579
Laws M12
From Songs and Ballads from Nova Scotia, Creighton
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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III