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Penn and Temple play good ball
Drexel Tech has lots of steam
But one thing that I'm looking for
Is Bryn Mawr with a football team

Cho: Phila-Philadelphia, Phila-Philadelphia

Joe Clark went to Washington
And I thought he oughter
But he just went to get away
From Philadelphia water

Some folks keep the doctor away
By eating a daily apple
But here it's done with Pepperpots
And Philadelphia scrapple

In Philadelphia city
All the pigeons really have a ball
They form themselves in bomber flights
And take turns buzzing city hall

The expressways and Penn Center
Philly's really on the ball
But city planners please take heed
Tear down that ugly city hall

If you want a good description
Of a man who is erratic
It's the one who joins the Union League
And then votes Democratic

There never was a subway rider
Who I thought was quite so mean
As the one who invented the Portable
Counterfeit Transfer Machine.


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