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Peter Reid Rock 1

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Peter Reid Rock 1

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Peter Reid Rock 1

The pale moon was rising above Balmashanner
My uncle the shepherd was tending his flock
My puir Auntie Jeannie was mending her peenie
The pair o them sooking Peter Reid Rock.

O it's michty fine stuff, with a michty fine flavour,
An aye in the hoose I keep a guid stock;
For driving awa the smell o the whusky,
There's naething tae beat Peter Reid Rock.

Fur biles corns an bunions, for pickling the onions,
Fur cleaning my teeth an dying a sock,
Aa ower the world, ye'll find naething better,
Than a half pund o' oor Peter Reid Rock.

Gilfillan (1962) [Sc. Ethn. Archive]. Rodger, Lang
Strang (1948), 13, has st. 2; differs: 1 O omitted 2 ye
shud keep 3 puitin' awa' . . . the drappie 4 There's
nothing I ken like the Peter Reid Rock!
G. notes: "Peter Reid (1803-1897) - Provost of Forfar (1880-
83), Magistrate of the Burgh, benefactor to the town (Public
Park, Reid Hall (found. stone laid in 1869) convalescent ward
at the Infirmary) ran his confectionery business in Castle
Street - esp. Forfar Rock or Peter Reid Rock."  From the
first line, the tune appears to be The Rose of Tralee. MS

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