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Peggy Alison

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Peggy Alison

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Peggy Alison
(Robert Burns)

ch.  And I'll kiss thee yet, yet,
        And I'll kiss thee o'er again,
     And I'll kiss thee yet, yet,
       My bonie Peggy Alison.

Ilk care and fear, when thou art near
  I ever mair defy them, O!
Young kings upon their hansel throne
   Are no sae blest as I am, O!
(& again)

When in my arms, wi' a' thy charms,
   I clasp my countless treasure, O!
I seek nae mair o' Heav'n to share
   Than sic a moment's pleasure, O!
(& again)
And by thy een sae bonie blue
   I swear I'm thine for ever, O!
And on thy lips I seal my vow,
  And break it shall I never, O!
(& again)
note: chorus is first or lowest part of the tune -
each verse must be repeated twice to go through
the high or second part

tune:Braes o' Balquihidder (215)
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