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Peg o Ramsay

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Peg o' Ramsay

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Peg o' Ramsay

Bonny Peggy Ramsay that any man may see;
And bonny was her face with  fair freckl'd eye;
Neat is her body made and she hath good skill,
And round are her bonny arms that work well at the mill.

     With a hey tro-lo-del, hey tro-lo-del,
     Hey tro-lo-del, lil;
     Bonny Peggy Ramsay that works well at the mill. (2x)

Up goes the hopper and in goes the corn
The wheel it goes about and the stones begin to turn.
The meal falls in the meal-trough and quickly does it fill
For Peggy is a bonny lass and works well at the mill.

Note: referred to in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, Act 2.
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