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Overgate (2)

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The Overgate (2)

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The Overgate (2)

For as I gaed doon the Overgate I met a bonny wee lass
For she winked tae me with the tail o'her e'e as I went walking past
  Ricky doo dum day, doo dum day, ricky ricky doo dum day

I asked her what her name might be, she said: "Jemima Rose
And I live in Blaeberry Lane at the foot o'the Buchan Close."

I asked her what was her landlady's name, she said it was Mrs. Bruce
And with that she invited me to come awa' to the hoose

As we went up the windin' stair, them bein'long and dark
For I slipped my money from my inside pooch and I tied it to the tail o' my

We scarcely had got in the hoose when she took me tae a room
It was there we pulled a bottle oot, and then we baith sat down

But a' nicht long I dreamed I was lying in the airms o' Jemima Rose
But when I wokened I was lying on my back at the foot o' the Buchan Close

Come a' ye jolly ploo men lads that gang oot for a walk
Just slip your money frae your inside pooch and tie it to the tail o' your

From Jeannie Robertson
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