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Over the Water

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Over the Water

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Over the Water
(Robert Burns)

Come boat me o'er, come row me o'er,
  Come boat me o'er to Charlie;
I'll gie John Ross anither bawbee
  To boat me o'er to Charlie.

     We'll o'er the water, we'll o'er the sea,
         We'll o'er the water to Charlie;
     Come weal, come woe, we'll gather and go
        And live or die wi Charlie.

I lo'e weel my Charlie's name,
   Tho  some there be abhor him:
But O, to see auld Nick gaun hame,
   And Charlie's faes be ore him!

I swear and vow by moon and stars,
   And sun that shines so early!
If I had twenty thousand lives,
   I'd die as aft for Charlie.-

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