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On the Banks of the Old Pedee

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On the Banks of the Old Pedee

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On the Banks of the Old Pedee

I asked my love to take a walk,
And a walk she took with me.
As we walked I gently talked
Of when our wedding day would be.

Then she said she'd never be mine,
And her home would never be
Where the bright waters flow
On the banks of the old Pedee.

From my breast I drew e knife,
And she gave a shrilling cry,
"Oh Willie dear, don't murder me,
For I am not prepared to die."

Then I took her lily white hands
And swung her round and again around,
Until she fell in the waters cruel
And then I watched my true love drown.

"Oh father dear, I've done a deed,
And a deed it is to me
To have drowned my own true love
On the banks of the old Pedee."

Tune not supplied; sings to Banks of the Ohio
DT #628
Laws F5
from Louise Pound, "American Ballads and Songs"
collected in 1915
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