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(Translation from the Norwegian by Pete Seeger)

   Ole, oleanna, ole, oleanna
   ole, ole, ole, ole, ole, oleanna

Oh to be in Oleanna,
  that's where I'd like to be
Than to be in Norway
  and bear the chains of slavery

Little roasted piggies
  rush around the city streets
Inquiring so politely
  if a slice of ham you'd like to eat

Beer as sweet as muncheners
  springs from the ground and flows away
The cows all like to milk themselves
  And the hens lay eggs ten times a day
The women there do all the work
  As round the fields they quickly go
Each one has a hickory stick
  And beats herself if she works too slow

In Oleanna land is free
  The wheat and corn just plant themselves
Then grow a good four feet a day
  While on your bed you rest yourself


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