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Old German Clockwinder (2)

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The Old German Clockwinder (2)

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The Old German Clockwinder (2)

 A German clockwinder to Dublin once came,
 Benjamin Fuchs was the old German's name,
 And as he was winding his way 'round the strand,
 He played on his flute and the music was grand.

     Too-ra-lam-a-lam-a, Too-ra-lam-a-lam-a Too-ra-li-ay
     Too-ra-li Oo-ra-li Oo-ra-li-ay
     Too-ra-lam-a-lam-a, Too-ra-lam-a-lam-a Too-ra-li-ay
     Too-ra-li Oo-ra-li Oo-ra-li-ay

 There was a young lady from Grosvenor Square,
 Who said that her clock was in need of repair.
 In walked the German, and to her delight,
 In less than five minutes, he had her clock right.


 And as they were sitting right down on the floor,
 There came a very loud knock on the door.
 In walked her husband, and great was his shock,
 To see the old German wind up his wife's clock.


 Then says her husband, "Look here, Mary Ann,
 Don't that old German come in here again.
 He wound up your clock and left mine on the shelf.
 If your old clock needs winding I'll do it myself."


 Then says the German, "Sure I meant you no harm,
 But the spring wouldn't work in your old wife's alarm.
 I pulled out me oil can and I gave it a squirt;
 If you keep it well-oiled, your wife's clock will work!"


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