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Oh Say Bonny Lass

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Oh Say Bonny Lass

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Oh Say Bonny Lass

Oh say, bonny lass, can you lie in a barrack,
And marry a soldier and carry his wallet?
O, say will you leave both your Mammy and Daddy
And follow to the camp with your soldier laddy.

O, yes, I will do it and think nothing of it,
I'll marry my soldier and carry his wallet
O, yes, I will leave both my Mammy and Daddy
And follow to the camp with my soldier laddy.

O, say, bonny lass, will you go a-campaigning,
Endure all the hardships of battle and famine;
When wounded and bleeding, then will thou draw near
And kindly support me, and tenderly cheer me.

O, say, bonny lass, will you go into battle,
Where the drums are beaten and cannons loud rattle;
O, yes, bonny lad, I will share all thy harms,
And should thou be killed, I will die in thy arms.

From Songs From The American Revolution, Keller
Collected from the notebook of Captain George Bush (no relaton)
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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III