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OReillys Daughter

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O'Reilly's Daughter

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Download Midi Download MP3
O'Reilly's Daughter

As I was sittin' by the fire
Tellin' lies and drinkin' porter
Suddenly a thought came to my mind
I'd never shagged O'Reilly's daughter

cho: Giddy I ay, giddy I ay
     Giddy I ay for the one-balled Reilly
     Giddy I- ay, no balls at all
     Rig-a-jig-jig, shag on!

Up the stair in into bed
There I threw my right leg over
She didn't mind a goddam bit
Laughed like hell when the shag was over.

Suddenly a noise upon the stairs,
One-balled Reilley out for slaughter
With a brace of pistols in his hands,
Lookin' for the man who shagged his daughter.

I grabbed O'Reilly by the neck
Shoved his head in a bucket of water
Rammed the pistols up his ass
A damn sight faster than I'd shagged his daughter.

Now all you ladies sweet and good
Yours is the choice to make entirely
Take it like a good girl should
Or up the ass like the one-balled Reilly

from an ill-spent childhood on the streets of Brooklyn,
     ca 1943. RG
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