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Now Let Me Fly

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Now Let Me Fly

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Now Let Me Fly

Way down yonder in de middle o' de fiel'
Angel workin' on a chariot wheel,
Not so partic'lar 'bout workin' at de wheel
But I jes' want to see how de char-iot feel.

cho: Now let me fly, now let me fly
     Let me fly into Mount Zion
     Lord, Lord.

I got a mother in de Promise Lan'
Ain't gonna stop till I shake her han'
Not so partic'lar 'bout shakin' her han'
But I jes' wanta get up in de Promise Lan'

Meet dat hypocrite on de street
First thing he do is show his teeth.
Nex' thing he do is to tell a lie
An' de bes' thing to do is to pass him by.
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