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Not in the Book

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Not in the Book

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Not in the Book
(Craig Brandis)

Come all ye bold singers that have to this place come,
And we'll sing songs of sailors who don't suck their thumbs;
Good cheer is our goal till the rafters we've shook
We'll sing what we please and they're not in the book.

cho: Not in the book, not in the book
     (Repeat last line of verse)

From France we do get brandy and from Jamaica comes rum
And bold songs and fair tunes from all over do come,
Some songs may be bawdy, their meaning's mistook
That's probably why they're not in the book.

Good songs may not be pretty or politically in style,
Just take a good look at the ballads of Child;
Robert Burns was a rover who drank till he shook
Wrote a lot of good songs and they're not in the book.

The good folk of Sing Out! have done a good turn
A popular songbook has helped people learn;
More people are singing, just take a good look
But cast your net wider than just in the book.

Copyright Craig Brandis
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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III