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New Liberty Song

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New Liberty Song

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New Liberty Song
(J.W. Hewlings)

Come rouse up my lads and join in this great cause
In defence of your liberty, your property and laws!
'Tis to honor we call you, stand up for your right,
And ne'er let our foes say, we are put to the flight.
     For so just is our cause,  and so valiant our men
     We always are ready, steady boys, steady;
     We'll fight for our freedom again and again,

The placemen and commoners have taken a bribe
To betray their own country, and the empire beside;
And though the colonies stand condemned by some,
There are nor rebels here, but are traitors at home,
     For so just is our cause, etc,

They tax us contrary to reason and right,
Expecting that we are not able to fight;
But to draw their troop home, I do think would be best,
For providence always defends the oppressed,
     For so just is our cause, etc,

The valiant Bostonians have entered the field,
And declare they will fall there before they will yield:
A noble example: In them we'll confide,
We'll march to their town, stand or fall by their side,
     For so just is our cause, etc,

And union through the colonies will ever remain,
And ministerial taxation will be but in vain,
For we are all resolved to die or be free;
So they may repeal the acts, for repealed they must be,
     For so just is our cause, etc,

From Songbook of the American Revolution, Rabson
tune: Heart of Oak
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E-Book - An Annotated Compendium of Old Time American Songs by James Alverson III