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My Good-Looking Man

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My Good-Looking Man

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My Good-Looking Man

Come, all you pretty fair maids of courage brave and true,
I'll teach you how for to happy live and avoid all troubles too,
I'll teach you how for to happy live and plainly understand
You must never try to fall in love with a good-looking man.

When I was sixteen years of age, a damsel in my prime,
I gaily thought of a wedded life, 'twas pleasures I could find.
I gaily thought of a wedded life, 'twas pleasures I could find.
I set inside both day and night to get a nice young man.

Well, my wish, it seems, it came too soon, one Sunday afternoon
As onward home from church I tripped, I met this gay gossoon
He looked so nice about the face, to wed him was my plan,
And that very night I set my cap for that good-looking man.

It was scarce two weeks after wed we were, on a Sunday afternoon
My gent walked out, and so did I, to take a pleasure's roam;
My gent walked out, and so did I, to watch him, it was my plan
And soon another girl I spied with my good-looking man.

They talked and kissed; their tales of love to you I cannot tell;
Says I to myself, now is my time to use you off right well;
Thinks I to myself, now is my time, and to my home I ran,
And there sat down to watch and wait for my good-looking ma

Just as the clock was striking ten, my Willie, he came in;
I gently said, "My Willie dear, where have you thus long been?"
"I've been to church, oh Maggie dear!"  When this I could not stand,
The rolling pin I then let fly at my good-looking man!

I pulled his hair, I blacked his eyes, in ribbons I tore his clothes;
I then picked up the poker, and I laid it across his nose;
He looked just like a chimmenee sweep, as out the door he ran,
And there's never a lady loved again by my good-looking man.

Come all you unmarried people of high and low degree,
If ever you get a roguish lad, pitch in to him like me!
When I found out I was deceived, I thought it my very best plan
To tighten the check and break the neck of my good-looking man.

From Folk Songs of the Catskills, Cazden Haufrecht and Studer
Collected from Mary Avery
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