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Mule Song

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The Mule Song

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The Mule Song

A story has come down from old Mathuslam,
  I learned it when I was a little boy at school,
You'll make a great mistake, and don't forget it,
  It' you bother around the hind parts of a mule

cho: So never tickle a mule when he's reposing;
     If you disturb his peaceful slumbers, you're a fool.
     If you don't want to visit the undertaker,
     Never take the hindshoe from a mule.

The business end of a mule is mighty ticklish;
  Never, never touch him, as a rule.
He'll kick you full of holes in seven seconds
  Trust him not, there's mischief in a mule.

If you don't want to be shoveled up in pieces, **
  Why, keep a respectful distance from a mule.
If you touch his caudal appendage you're a goner
Asleep or awake, you'll find he's not a fool

When you see the animal's old and feeble,
  Don't you never handle him, as a rule.
For [there'll be]* a chest-protector on your eyebrow,
  They'll lay you on a ton of ice to cool.

Oh you'll think you were struck by seven kinds of lightning**
If you neglect to follow this golden rule:
You'd be too much broken up to,join the angels
  If you bother' round the hind parts of a mule.
*[you'll need] makes more sense.
** Not from G.E. singing.
From Folks Songs of the Catskills, Cazden Haufrecht and Studer
From the singing of George Edwards except as noted
NOTE: This is a parody of an Edward Harrington Song "Never Take the
     Horseshoe from the Door"
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