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The Modiewark


The Modiewark

cho: An' O the wanton modiewark
     The weary, wanton modiewark
     I maun consult some learned clerk
     About this wanton modiewark

The modiewark has done me ill
And below my apron has biggit a hill;
I maun consult some learned clerk
About this wanton modiewark.

O first it gat between my taes
Out o'er my garter neist it gaes
At length it crep beneath my sark
The weary, wanton modiewark.

This modiewark, to' it be blin'
If aince its nose you lat it in
Then to the hilts, within a crack
It's out o' sight, the modiewark.

When Marjorie was made a bride,
And Willie lay down by her side,
Syne nocht was heard, when a' was dark
But kickin' at the modiewark.

Note: Modiewark = mole. Colected by Burns.

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