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Miners Childs Dream

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Miner's Child's Dream

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Miner's Child's Dream

   D         G           D
A miner was leaving his home for his work
         D         E7             A7
When he heard his little child scream
G           D
He ran to the side of the little girl's bed
            D           A7
She said, "Daddy, I've had such a dream!"

"I dreamed that the mines were all flaming with fire
And the men, they all fought for their lives.
Just then the scene changed, and the mouth of the mines
Was filled with sweethearts and wives."

CHORUS:   "Oh daddy, don't go to the mines today,

For dreams have so often come true.

Oh Daddy, oh daddy, please don't go away,

For I never could live without you."

The miner was stroking his little girl's face
And was turning away from her side
When she threw her small arms around her daddy's neck
She gave him a kiss, then she cried: ...

"Go down to the village and tell your dear friends
That as sure as the bright stars do shine,
There is something that's going to happen today;
Oh daddy, don't go to the mines."

From Doc Watson
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