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Mighty Ship Was the Gundremar

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A Mighty Ship Was the Gundremar

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A Mighty Ship Was the Gundremar
(Kathleen Davis)

A mighty ship was the Gundremar,
Proudly sailing, proudly sailing,
O'er winter wave she adventured far,
North ward hailing, northward hailing
Through crash of storm and the tempest's roar
A plunging on to find a distant shore,
Proudly sailing, proudly sailing.

All dark the night and wild the storm
Waters churning, waters churning
Full brave the ship on the rolling sea
Danger spurning, danger spurning
Loud crash of rock on a shattered prow
And down beneath the wave a ship shall bow
Unreturning, unreturning.

A ghostly ship is the Gundremar
Ever sailing, ever sailing,
O'er winter skies she adventures far
Northward hailing, northward hailing.
No shadow falls on the silver night
As down the moonlit way she takes her flight
Ever sailing, ever sailing.

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