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Marching to Cuba

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Marching to Cuba

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Marching to Cuba

We're going down to Cuba, boys, to battle for the right
We're going to show those Spaniards that we Yankee boys can fight
And when they see us coming they'll scatter left and right,
When we march into Cuba.

Hurrah ! Hurrah !
Hurrah! We'll sound the jubilee.
Hurrah ! Boys, Cuba shall be free, [1]
And we'll sing the chorus from Mt. Gretna to the sea,
While we are marching to Cuba.

'Twas in Manila, boys, our ships the foe did meet.
We didn't need a hurricane to wreck,
To wreck the Spanish  fleet,
But just one Dewey morning, and our victory was complete,
As we were marching to Cuba.

3  In Santiago harbor Sampson had them bottled tight.
Hobson put the cork in, and we think he did it right,
And when they find they can't get out, they'll have to stand and fight,
When we march into Cuba.

4  With Dewey, Schley, and Sampson, we need not have a fear,
For they will guard the harbors while we attack the rear.
We'll plant our flag on Morro and give one nlighty cheer,
When we march into Cuba.

From North Carolina Folklore, Brown
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