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Makin Seder

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Makin' Seder

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Makin' Seder

Another pesach, another year,
The family seder with near and dear...
Our faces shining,
All thoughts of dining
Are put on hold now.

We hear four questions,
The answer given
Recalls the Jews from Egypt driven.
The chrain is bitter, (charoses better!)
Please pass the matzoh.

     Why is this evening different
     From all the other nights?
     This year the Jews all over
     Are free to perform the rites.

A gorgeous dinner--who can deny it--
Won't make us thinner, to hell with diet!
It's such great cooking...
and no one's looking,
So just enjoy it.

Moving along at steady clip
Elijah enters, and takes a sip;
And then the singing with voices ringing
Our laughter mingling.

     When singing about Chad Gad Ya.
     Watch close or your place you'll lose,
     For Echad Mi Yodea:
     Which tune shall we use?

We pray next Pesach, we'll all be here.
It's a tradition...same time next year...
So fill it up now, the final cup now,
Next year at  ____________
Tune: Makin' Whoopee
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