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Lowlands of Holland 6

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Lowlands of Holland 6

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Lowlands of Holland 6

My love has built a bonnie ship and set her on the sea
With seven score guid mariners to bear her companie;
There's three-score is sunk and three-score dead at sea,
And the lowlands of Holland have twined my love and me.

My love he built anither ship and set her on the main
And nane but twenty mariners for to bring her hame;
But the weary wind began to rise, and the sea began to rout
My love then and his bonnie ship turn'd withershins about.

There shall neither coif come on my head nor comb come in my hair,
There shall neither coal nor candle light shine in my bower mair.
Nor will I love anither ane until the day I dee
For I never loved a love but ane, and he's drown'd in the sea.

O haud your tongue, my daughter dear, be still and be content
There are mair lads in Galloway, ye needna sair lament.
O! there is nane in Galloway, there's nane at a' for me;
For I never loved a love but ane, and he's drown'd in the sea.

From Scottish Songs, Ritson (101 Scottish songs, Buchan)
Child #92
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