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Loving Girl

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The Loving Girl

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The Loving Girl

Adieu, my loving girl, adieu,
It wounds my heart to part with you
The time has come for me to go
Therefor your mind I wish to know.

I'll go away an' leave you here,
Although you are to me most dear,
You loved me first, or I thought so,
Now my dependence I don't know.

Another place I seek to find,
An' always have you in my mind,
For you I never can forget,
Though I will pine an' never fret.

You loved me first, I do believe,
An' thought you never could deceive,
But by some accidental tale
To fill your promise you did fail.

You have another in your view,
I hope to him you will prove true,
An' recollect that only love
That will one happiness approve.

So then adieu, my lovin' girl,
Though ties of love I can't unfold,
I'll be at peace an' bear in mind
The lovin' girl I left behind.

From Ozark Folk Songs, Randolph
Collected from Georgia Laughlin, MO 1929
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