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Longshoremans Strike

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The Longshoreman's Strike

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The Longshoreman's Strike

I am a simple lab'ring man
And I work along the shore,
For to keep the hungry wolves away
From the poor longshoreman's door
I toil all day long in the broiling sun
On the ships that come in from the sea,
From early light until late at night
For the poor man's family.

cho: Then it's give us good pay
     For every day
     For that's all we ask of thee,
     For our cause is right
     And we're out on a strike
     For the poor man's family.

The'll bring their Eye-talians o'er the sea
And the Chineyman in from the south,
Thinking they can do our work
Take the bread from our mouths;
Whilst the white man's children they must starve!
Sure, we will never agree,
For to be put down like a worm in the ground
And to starve our family.

From Traditional American Folk Songs, Warner & Warner
Collected from John Galusha, NY, 1941
Note: According to Cazden, words were written by
     Edward Harrigan (of Harrigan & Hart), published in
     1875. AW
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