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Long Peggin Awl

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The Long Peggin' Awl

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The Long Peggin' Awl

As I was a-walking one morning in May
I met a pretty fair maid, her gown it was gay.
I step-ped up to her, and back she did fall
She want to be played with the long peggin' awl.

I said, "Pretty fair maid will you travel with me,
Unto foreign countries, strange things for to see?
And I will protect you, what e'er may befall
And follow your love wuth his long peggin' awl"

Then home to her parents she then went straightway
And unto her mother these words she did say,
"I'll follow my true love what e'er may befall
I'll follow my love with his long peggin' awl."

"O daughter, O daughter, how can yopu say so?
For young men are false as you very well know.
They'll tell you fine things and the devil and all
And leave you big-bellied with the long peggin' awl."

"O mother, O mother, now do not say so.
Before you werte sixteen, you very well know
There wqas father and mother and baby and all
You followed my dad for his long peggin' awl."

From singing of Harry Cox, 1954
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