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Lonely Willow Tree

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The Lonely Willow Tree

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The Lonely Willow Tree

There was a youth, a cruel youth
Who dwelt beside the sea,
Six pretty maidens he murdered there
By the lonely willow tree.

One day he walked with Sally Brown,
One day they walked by the sea;
When an evil thought came into his mind
By the lonely willow tree.

"Take off your clothes, sweet Sally Brown.
Take off your clothes," said he,
For though I am going to murder you
I would not spoil your finery.

"Turn 'round, turn 'round, you false young man
"Turn 'round, turn 'round," said she,
"For 'tis not fit for a man such as you
A naked woman to see."

So 'round about he turned himself,
'Round about turned he.
She quickly grasped him in both of her arms,
And cast him into the sea.

"Lie there, lie there, you false young man
Lie there, lie there ," said she
"Six pretty maidens you've murdered here
Now keep them company."

So down he sank, that false young man,
Down he sank in the sea.
And there was none to mourn him, save
That lonely willow tree.

Child #4
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