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London Derriere

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London Derriere

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London Derriere
( W.J.Bethancourt III)

I watch you walk upon the streets of London.
Your mini-skirt stretched tight, and looking sweet.
I watch you walk, and walk into a lampost.
I didn't see, upon the London street..
     So turn your back, and wiggle softly from me!.
     With mini-skirt, (perhaps, no underwear!).
     Your legs are great! But, by the Gods above me!.
     I watch your wondrous London derriere!

The Paris girls are wonders full of beauty,.
And California grows the Long-stemmed L.A. rose,.
Berlin nights are full of life, and lovely,.
But London girls don't wear no panty-hose!.
      So turn your back, and wiggle softly from me!.
     And let me watch, and dream a dream so rare:.
     In my hotel, you naked there above me.
     Sit on my face with your London derriere!..

(Tune: "Londonderry Air" aka "Danny Boy").
(c) copyright 1990 W.J.Bethancourt III.
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