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Lolly Toodum

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Lolly Toodum

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Lolly Toodum

As I went out one evening to take the pleasant air
     Lolly toodum, toodum, lolly toodum day.
As I went out one evening to take the pleasant air
I overheard a mother a-scoldin' her daughter fair
     Lolly toodum, toodum, lolly toodum day.

Oh, go and wash them dishes, and hush your flatterin' tongue
I know you want to get married, and you know that you're too young.

Oh, pity my condition, just as you would your own
For fourteen long years I've been sleepin' all alone.

S'posin' I should let you, where would you get your man?
Why Laws a'mercy, Mammy, I'd marry that handsome Dan.

S'posin' he should slight you, like you done him before?
Why Laws a'mercy, Mammy, I could marry forty more!

There's tinkers and tailors, and boys from the plow,
Why Laws a'mercy, Mammy, I'm a-gettin' that feelin' now.

And now my daughter's married, and well for to do
It's gather 'round me, fellers, I'm on the market, too.

Recorded by Ives
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