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Lizzie Wan

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Lizzie Wan

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Download Midi Download MP3
Lizzie Wan

Fair Lucy sitting in her father's room
Lamenting and a-making her mourn
And in steps her brother James
O what's fair Lucy done?

It is time for you to weep,
Lamenting and a-making your mourn.
Here's a babe at my right side,
And it is both mine and yourn.

O what will you do when your father comes home?
Dear son, come tell to me.
I'll set my foot into some little ship
And I'll sail plumb over the sea.

O what will you do with your house and land?
Dear son, come tell to me.
I'll leave it here, my old, dear mother;
Be kind to my children three.

O what will you do with your pretty, little wife?
Dear son, come tell to me.
She can set her foot in another little ship
And follow after me.

Back home, back home will you return:
Dear son, come tell to me.
When the sun and moon sets in yon hill,
And I hope that'll never be.

Child #51
From Sharp, English Folk Songs from the Southern Appalachians
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