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Little Rosewood Casket

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Little Rosewood Casket

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Little Rosewood Casket
Bob Pfeffer

SOURCE'S SOURCE: Jeannette Carter + H. Shellans, FS of the Blue Ridge Mtns
                 (Oak, 1968)

           D      A7       D               D     A7      D
There's a little rosewood casket / Resting on a marble stand
        D      G        D                 A7                D
With a package of love letters / Written by my true love's hand

Will you go and bring them, sister, / Will you read them o'er to me
I have often tried but could not, / For through tears I could not see

Read each precious line so slowly, / That you may not miss a one
For the precious hand that wrote them, / His last work for me is doneYou have
got them now, dear sister / Come sit down upon my bed
And press gently to your bosom / This poor throbbing, aching head

Tell him that I never blamed him / Not an unkind word was spoke
Tell, oh tell him, sister, tell him / That my heart in coldness broke

Tell him that I never blamed him / Though to me he proved untrue
Tell him that I'll ne'er forget him / Though I bid this world adieu

When I'm dead and in my coffin / And my shroud's around me bound
And my narrow grave is ready / In the cold and silent ground

Place his letters and his locket / Close together o'er my heart
And the little ring he gave me / From my finger never part

You have finished now, dear sister / Will you read them o'er again
While I listen to you read them / I will lose all sign of pain

While I listen to you read them / I will gently fall asleep
Fall asleep to wake with Jesus / Darling sister, do not weep.
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