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Lady that Loved a Swine

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The Lady that Loved a Swine

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The Lady that Loved a Swine

There was a lady loved a swine.
"Honey," said she,
"Pig hog, wilt thou be mine?"
"Humph!* " said he.

"I'll build thee a silver sty,
Honey," said she,
"And in it thou shalt lie."
"Humph!" said he.

"I'll pin it with a silver pin,
"Honey," said she,
"That thou may'st go out and in."
"Humph!" said he.

"Wilt thou have me now; " said she
"Honey," said she.
"Speak or my heart will break."
"Humph! " said he.

* the better the pig imitation, the better.
From Our Singing Country, Lomax
Collected from Mrs. K.B. Jones, TX, 1939
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