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Keewanaw Light

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Keewanaw Light

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Keewanaw Light
(Craig Johnson)

1. I've traveled this country from the Keewanaw headlands
   Where the wild gulls do cry from the rocks to the sea,
   From the cold inland ocean to the Manitou Island,
   Far away from my home, strange places to see.

  And the stars will shine bright on the south shore tonight
  And the Keewanaw light sweeps over the bay
  And if dreams could come true, I'd still be there with you
  On the banks of cold waters at the close of the day.

2. I've drifted through the boom towns, a century dying
   Past the ruins of the smelters and the rusted head frames.
   Down through Mohawk, and Ahneek, Centennial and Lorean
   And other sad places that pass without name.

3. I've counted the crossties, dry bones of the railroad,
   That stretch from the sunrise to the close of the day,
   And I've counted the miles between me and my truelove,
   The miles and the highways that carried me away.

4. Now the leaves have turned gold, summer's neigh over,
   The wild geese sweep low over Lake Manganese
   In this far away land you can walk by slow river
   Alongside cold waters 'neath the whispering trees.

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