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Hundred Years Ago

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A Hundred Years Ago

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Download Midi Download MP3
A Hundred Years Ago

Oh, a hundred years on the Wastern Shore
     Oh, aye, oh!
A hundred years on the Eastern Shore
     A hundred years ago! (or 'Tis time for us to go!)

Ol' Bully John from Baltimore
I knew him well, that son-of-a-whore (or ...on the Eastern Shore)

Ol' Bully John was the boy for me
A bully on shore and a bucko at sea

Ol' Bully John I knew him well
But now he'd dead and gone to hell.

Oh were you ever in Liverpool?
In Liverpool, that Yankee school

Oh a hundred years is a very long time
Oh a hundred years is a very long time

Note: A halyard shanty
From Shanties from the Seven Seas, Hugill
     Last two verses from singing of A.L. Lloyd
recorded by Lloyd, MacColl
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