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How Can I Keep From Eating

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How Can I Keep From Eating?

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How Can I Keep From Eating?

My life goes on in endless flow
Of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I eat them all with gusto, though
They will not make me thinner.
For eating brings me so much joy,
And joy in life is fleeting,
So while there's food still on my plate,
How can I keep from eating?

Some chicken soup with matzoh balls
Will bring me peace and pleasure.
An eclair or some chocolate cake
Brings joy no tongue can measure.
Some broccoli with hollandaise
Will set my heart to beating.
It sounds a rumbling deep within.
How can I keep from eating?

I'm getting rather plump these days.
I think I'll take up running.
To lose a meager pound or two
Takes self-control and cunning.
I've tried a million kinds of diets,
They're all so self-defeating.
I open up the pantry door.
How can I keep from eating?

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