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Holmfirth Anthem

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Holmfirth Anthem

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Holmfirth Anthem

1.  Abroad for pleasure as I was a-walking
    On one summer summer's evening clear (repeat 1st 2 lines)
    There I beheld a most beautiful damsel
    Lamenting for her shepherd swain (bis)

2.  The fairest evening that e'er I beheld thee
    Evermore with the lad I adore
    Wilt thou go fight the French and Spaniards
    Wilt thou leave me thus my dear?

3.  No more to yon green banks will I take thee
    With pleasure for to rest myself and view the lambs
    But I will take thee to yon green gardens
    Where the pretty flowers grow

From the singing of the Watersons.
From the village of Holmfirth in Yorkshire.
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