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Hold the Fort for Hayes and Wheeler

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Hold the Fort for Hayes and Wheeler

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Hold the Fort for Hayes and Wheeler
(Mary E. Kail)

Float aloft the starts of freedom,
Upward toward the sky;
Freemen rally 'round the standard
For the time is nighm

cho: Hold the fort for Hayes and Wheeler
     While their pulses thrill
     Loyal men in solid column
     Answer back, "We will!"

When to save our glorious country
We must brave the storm;
Vote for Hayes and reformation,
Wheeler and reform!

Honor to our loyal commanders
Let the echo run,
Unto every kindred nation
Now beneath the sun.

Sound aloud the good-time coming,
Sound the trump of fame;
They, who lead us on to glory,
Boast an honored name.

While a golden light is beaming
Heralding the morn;
Vote for Hayes and reformation
Wheeler and reform.

On to vict'ry! Onward! Onward!
With our flag in sight,
We shall have a full surrender
Voting for the right.

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