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Hoboes Grand Convention

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The Hoboes Grand Convention

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The Hoboes Grand Convention

If you give me your attention
A few facts I will mention,
Concerning a convention
That was held last fall.
The crooks, they were delighted
When they heatd they were invited,
To the hoboes grand convention
That was held in Montreal.

cho: There was great rejoicing,
     No cursing there or fighting,
     For every bum was loaded
     To the neck with alcohol.
     The burleys brought bananas
     Rolled up in blue bandanas,
     To the hoboes grand convention
     That was held at Montreal.
They commit some great manoeuvres
Those bold and reckless rovers,
From New York to Vancouver
And from Texas to St. Paul,
While riding on the pullmans
As they traveled through the tunnels,
To the hoboes grand convention
That was held in Montreal.

The crooks, they got directions
To go out and make connections,
And to git a swag of plunder
A@d to bring it to the hall.
So they moved along the border
And the chairman rapped for order,
At the hoboes grand convention
That was hdd in Montreal.

From Vermont Folk Songs and Ballads, Flanders
Collected from Mrs. Brown, Dorset, VT 1930
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