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Hieland Laddy (Jacobite)

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Hieland Laddy (Jacobite)

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Hieland Laddy (Jacobite)

Where ha' ye been a' the day?
     Bonnie laddie, Hielan' laddie
Saw ye him that' far awa'
     Bonnie laddie, Hielan' laddie
On his head a bonnet blue
     Bonnie laddie, Hielan' laddie
Tartan plaid and Hielan' trews
     Bonnie laddie, Hielan' laddie
When he drew his gude braid-sword
Then he gave his royal word.
Frae the field he ne'er wad flee
Wi' his friends wad live or dee.

Geordie sits in Charlie's chair
But I think he'll no bide there.
Charlie yet shall mount the throne
Weel ye ken it is his own.

From Minstrelsy of Scotland, Moffatt
Note: words are a fragment of "a long and very coarse Jacobite
  ballad" published in Jacobite Relics, 1810. A version of the
  tune appeared in Playford, 11th edition, 1701.
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