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Heigh Ho for a Husband

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Heigh Ho for a Husband

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Heigh Ho for a Husband

There was a maid the other day
Sighed sore, "God wot!"
And then she said,"All wives might have their way
But maidens they might not.
Full eighteen years have passed," she said,
"Since I, poor soul, was born.
And if I chance to die a maid
Apollo is foresworn."

cho: Heigh-ho! for a husband
     Heigh-ho! for a husband,
     Still this was her song
     I will have a husband, have a husband
     Be he old or young.

An ancient suitor to her came
His beard was almost grey;
Tho' he was old and she was young
She would no longer stay.
But to her mother went this maid
And told her by and by,
That she a husband needs must have
And this was still her cry:

"A wedded life, ah! well-a-day
It is a hapless lot!
Young maids may marry, be they gay
Young wives, alas! may not.
A twelve-month is too long to bear
This sorry yoke," she said,
"Since wives they may not have their will,
'Tis best to die a maid!"

final chorus:
     Heigh-ho! with a husband,
     Heigh-ho! with a husband,
     What a life lead I!
     Out on a husband, such a husband,
     Fie, fie, fie, oh! fie."

From Songs From Shakespeare's Plays, Kines
Note: Mentioned in Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing, Act III
     Scenes 1 and 4. Tune from John Gamble's Manuscript Common
     Place Book. RG
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