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Headin for Halifax

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Headin' for Halifax

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Headin' for Halifax
(Alistair McDonald)

   And I'm headin' for Halifax to see what's to spare
   In the way of some work and if there's nothing there
   It's Toronto or west, to God only knows where
   And there's bound to be friends from back home.

1. Late spring, the leaves are all green
   There's sheep on the hillside, bird on the wing,
   Over my shoulder the last thing I've seen
   The old home so weathered and gray.

2. We talked 'till three, my father and me
   And the fiddle tunes flowed like the clear Margaree
   "Never forget who you are son," said me,
   and I followed my brothers away.

3. One thing I know, where ever I go,
   My heart's in Cape Breton, 'twill ever be so
   Whenever the fiddler rosins the bow
   My first and last thoughts are of home.

Copyright Bramblewood Music
   From  the  singing  of Diane and  Dick  Thies,  of  Corvallis,
   Oregon, who were living in Washington for two years, 1983- 1984.
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