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Harrison Brady

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Harrison Brady

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Harrison Brady

Go harness up my milk white steed
My bonnie brown is not so speedy
I'll ride all night and I'll ride all day
Till I overtake my lady

He rode as far as Pittsburgh, O
And there he spied his lady
With one arm around her baby, O
And the other around her Brady

O why did you leave your husband dear
O why did you leave your baby
O why did you leave your pretty little home
To roam with Harrison Brady

I never loved you in my life
I neverloved your baby
I married you against my will
And I'll roam with Harrison Brady

Last night I slept in my downy bed
and in my arms my baby
Tonight I'll sleep in the Pittsburgh jail
In the arms of Harrison Brady
sung by Lily Bell Dietrick at Morgantown WVa, 1944, collected by
Samuel Bayard.
Child #200  See also files starting with GYP
tune (as sung by Tony Saletan): Verse of Yankee Doodle
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