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Happy Roun the Ingle Bleezin

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Happy Roun' the Ingle Bleezin'

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Happy Roun' the Ingle Bleezin'

cho: Happy roun' the ingle bleezin'
     Canty we'll be ane an' a';
     Blyther still we'll be thegether
     Ere we think o' gaun awa'

See the miser and his riches
Watchin o'er wi' cautious e'e;
See the sons o' social pleasure
Spend the nicht in harmony.

Frien'ship mak's us tak' a drappie
Frien'ship mak's us a' unite
Frien'ship mak's us a' fu' canty
Frien'ship brought us here tonight.

From the Grieg-Duncan Folk Song Collection
collected from John Bain, 1911 who learned it from his mother 30 years

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