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(Robert Burns)

'Wha is that at my bower-door?'
  'O, wha is it but Findlay!'
Then gae your gate, ye'se nae be here,
  'Indeed maun I!'quo Findlay.

'What mak ye, sae like a thief?'
  'O come and see!'quo Findlay,
'Before the morn ye'1l work mischief?'
   'Indeed will I,'quo Findlay.

'Gif I rise and let you in'-
   'Let me in!' quo Findlay -
'Ye'll keep me waukin wi' your diin?'
   'Indeed will I!'quo Findlay.

'In my bower if you should stay'-
  'Let me stay!'quo Findlay-
'I fear ye'll bide till break o' day?'
   'Indeed will I!' quo' Findlay,

'Here this night if ye remain'-
   'I'll remain!' quo' Findlay-
'I dread ye'll learn the gate again?'
   'Indeed will I!' quo' Findlay.

'What may pass within this bower'-
   'Let it pass!' quo' Findlay
'Ye maun conceal till your last hour'-
   'Indeed will I!' quo' Findlay,

Tune: Wha is that at my bower door (356)

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