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Fifteen Miles From Birmingham

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Fifteen Miles From Birmingham


Fifteen Miles From Birmingham
(Alton and Rabon Delmore)

I'm fifteen miles from Birmingham,
I'm looking up, I'm looking down.
Aint got a dime, just killing time
Can't go to Birmingham,
Can't go to Birmingham.

That little girl in Birmingham,
She thinks I'm up, and I am down.
Can't go to town when I am down,
So I won't hang around,
So I won't hang around.

When a feller's broke he can't find a friend,
Nobody's got a dime to lend;
But when he's rich they sit and itch,
On him their money spend,
On him their money spend.

So little friend,  my love I send.
I'm coming back your heart to win.
So sing a song,  it won't be long
Til I'll be back again,
I'll ramble back again.

Just fifteen miles from Birmingham,
Up on a mountain looking down.
My heavy heart is sinking down,
For I can't go to town,
For I can't go to town.

I'm heading back on down the line,
I'm leaving all my love behind,
I'm singing all my blues away,
For me there'll come a time,
For me theie'll come a time.

From Hard Hitting Songs, Guthrie et al
Recorded by the Delmore Brothers on Bluebird B-8301-A
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