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Farewell and Adieu

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Farewell and Adieu

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Farewell and Adieu
(Dick Greenhaus)
(To tune of old sea chantey: Gay Spanish Ladies)

Farewell and adieu to you, ethics and scruples
Farewell and adieu to those high moral stands
For we've found that our greed can transcend any need
And we'll sell our own mothers for cash in our hands.

cho: So we'll lie and we'll cheat, deceive and dissemble
     The lover of truth has turned into a whore
     Just like grasping companies we've grown to resemble
     We'll do anything for a few dollars more.

For forty long years, we were good friends of labor,
We shared in its struggle, its hope and its pain
We we've learned we can make more by screwing our neighbor
And concern for the worker has gone down the drain.

Still waving the hypocrite's pallid pink banner
Our once-shining mission now covered with rust;
With deep-felt concern, and a liberal manner
We charge out in search of a union to bust!

Still spouting the now-empty liberal slogans
We fight evil-doers, unless they are us,
No cause too ridiculous, no act too self-serving
As long as it pays well, we'll start up a fuss.

(note: see FRNDRHDA)
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