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Farewell He

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Farewell He

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Farewell He

It's fare thee well cold winter
And fare thee well cold frost
Nothing have I gained
But a lover I have lost
I'll sing and I'll be merry
When fortune do I see
And I'll rest me when I'm weary
Let him go and fare well he

Last night I saw my true love
All down in yonder grove
I gave to him a smile
Not a word came from my love
Well if he likes another
And together they agree
I can find another lover
Let him go and fare well he
Take half a pound of reason
Half an ounce of common sense
A sprig of thyme in season
A little sage prudence
Then mix them well together
And I'll think you'll plainly see
He's no lad for windy weather
Let him go and farewell he

from the singing of Jean Redpath
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