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False Knight Upon the Road (4)

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The False Knight Upon the Road (4)

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The False Knight Upon the Road (4)

The knight met a child on the road..

O where are you going to?
     Said the knight on the road
I'm a-going to my school,
     Said the Child as he stood.
     He stood and he stood,
     And it's well because he stood
I'm a-going to my school
     Said the child as he stood.

O what are you going there for?
For to learn the word of God.

O what have you got there?
I have got my bread and cheese.

O won't you give me some?
No, ne'er a bit nor crumb.

I wish you was on the sands.
Yes, and a good staff in my hands.

I wish you was on the sea
Yes, and a good boat under me.

I think I hear a bell.
Yes, and it's ringing you to hell.

Child #3
From Sharp and Karpeles, 1932.
Collected from Mrs. T.G. Coates, TN 1916
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